Cheesy Craving

Throwback to the cheese mookata i had that xx days ago. I can't even remember when it is due to my hectic working schedule.

Saw the adv on facebook about this cheese mookata and Tymes saw it too. Was talking about it in the office and both of us decided to try it one of the day. I am not sure how many branch do they have but we went to the one located at Geylang.

They did some changes to the menu set which was different from what we saw on facebook. 

So this is their menu~

The place was rather small and the whole place become smokey after a short while. My advice to all of you if you intend to dine there... Remember to bring a perfume because you definitely won't smell good after dining there. LOL 

I am quite surprise that Thai Milk Tea was in the free flow item list which normally most of the mookata buffet will exclude it out and ask you to pay additional if you wanna order that. And of course their milk tea is nice too and not as if it is free flow then they are giving you those yucky tasteless milk tea.

Thumb up for this!

Both me and Tymes was shocked how each other can ate so much. Just the two of us went there that day because it was a last min decision after we finish our work in the office at night.

The whole dining session is more like playing than eating. Playing non stop with the food.

You can tell from Tymes face that how smokey and hot the place was. Hahahaha

The cheese was free flow too but probably after eating a few round, you will get sick of it.

If you are going to eat this, i will suggest you to bring more friends along so you can try to one with soup and without.

Look what we did. Placing all the shells on the hotplate for display making as if we are eating Fish and Co or Manhattan. WTH.

Overall experience at there was good but the buffet seem a bit costly and would suggest if they come up with more ingredient to chose from.  

Sickening HTML

If you had noticed, i had already changed my blogskin to something simple. But just don't know what went wrong with my date stamp which was missing since the previous blogskin. I don't really have a time to do design my blog nicely and got so pissed off with the HTML coding. Wish some pro can actually help me with it.

I was rather active on instagram and facebook lately rather than blogging. Don't really have the time to write long post and gather more photos to post here so all these while i am basically waiting for more photos so i can start writing post with more photos to upload.

Some of the selfie that i took during my Bangkok trip.

I get so frustrated with the weather lately and still thinking whether i should cut my hair shorter. Sometimes i would just tied or bun up my hair but my hair is just too long and i am not a pro so i will be spending at least half an hour just to tie my hair up. WTH right.

I am not sure what is wrong with me recently but somehow my tolerance level is damn low. Just not much motivation and i wish that this stage will be over real soon so i can be back like normal.

Just now when i am editing my blogskin, i went to sort out some of my photos which is store in the online album. Time really files and i really wonder if i have a lost of memory or what. Some of the photos that i took, i can't remember the details and got no idea that i actually took those photos. Getting old uh?

To be honest i am still quite happy with my life now. Somehow it is really more peaceful compare to the past.

Few days ago i posted some of my unhappiness and there is something that i wish to clarify here to avoid misunderstanding. About my past relationship, after it was over... I won't even bother how is my ex bf's life is. It got nothing to do with me and i am not interested too. Be it whoever.

I will NEVER see their social media account or find out anything about them from others. I got better things to do. It is not that somebody has been saying that i am doing so but there is people who has been telling me about someone. Whoever that know me and is seeing this post might be guessing who the person is but definitely is not who you thought because i never post anything about that particular person on social media or mention that we are together on social media before too.

I am happy with my life now without any restriction and enjoy my freedom a lot. 

I Can't Sleep

I can't sleep so i am blogging for awhile before i force myself to sleep. Has been so busy for for the past few days and didn't really rest well.

Sometimes when i am posting on Facebook and instagram, i tried not to post caption which are super long but yet i have lots of things to say. So i guess the only way is to write on my blog.

Recently or i can say on and off there will be people asking me why i didn't find a boyfriend. Actually i am not rushing and believe in fate too. Are my expectation high? Sometimes i do think so. Maybe certain things that i look for i different from others.

To be honest. I hate people trying to restrict me using my phone especially when using facebook or instagram. I can say it is part of my life, my interest and also my sideline. If someone is going to stop me from keep using it then first of all... Make sure they have things to talk to me. If not why bother?

Just couldn't stand those people who have nothing to chat with me yet don't want me to use my phone. Then just sitting down there keeping quiet and only they can use the phone. Double standard.

I don't go for look but i like people who know how to present themselves. Knowing what type of clothing don't suit them or what type of hairstyle is not suitable for them. I think all these should be quite a easy job for guys. Not like girls who have so many different type of clothing to chose from. Guys who really think so highly of themselves and being so ego really turn me off. The era now is different but there is still differences between guys and girls. Humble guys won't keep bragging how great they are.

Some guys just won't listen or don't really show interest in what others is talking about and when they are talking, they expect others to respond or show interest. Their world is only full of themselves. They just won't know how people feel so turn off when talking to them. And yes of course, when i met this type of people... I won't always respond and won't be interested in what they are talking too. Nothing wrong about it.

I am not a perfect person but at least i do admit my flaws. Some people just know how to keep mentioning their goods and when the other party is telling them how they feel... They will just skip the topic all that. It is easy to find out someone character just by seeing their body language, how/what they talk and how they handle situation. I can accept someone flaws because i know everyone is not perfect but everyone has their own limit range to accept certain things.

I just couldn't accept people who are ego, full of themselves and not a good listener. A relationship is both party putting in effort but not one person who won't keep looking at his/her mistake but just only know how to pin pointing others mistake keep saying others don't cherish. Bullshit. Look at yourself first before saying others. This is what i can say to all those people.

So this summary somehow answer those people who asked me.
Skip to the next..

Naughty Miki has been waking me up super early every morning. He just can't keep quiet especially when my surrounding neighbor all renovate their house at the same time. WTH.
Then Miki know there is a lot of stranger then start barking non stop. OMG!!! 

Reaching home late every night and had supper everyday. Tell me how am i going to slim down when i am eating non stop at the late night uh?

But it is ok and i don't mind eating non stop for these period of time. Food can make me happy and I miss taking my own sweet time eating.

Didn't manage to take the rest of the photos as the lighting isn't good. And haven't really got the time to sort out all my photos. Changed another phone and i will start taking more photos when i am free. Gonna rush my stuff for the next few days too.

Recently i has been playing with this Taiwan handphone app. Even though it is not really fun but i just wanna expand my shop and see how far i can go. LOL

Ok! It is time to slack awhile and go to bed. Shall update more after i finish slotting all my photos.

Damn That Weather And Moodiness

Did not update my blog and really don't know what went wrong with me recently. Was been rather emotional and losing my focus this period of time. The weather just sucks and i couldn't believe that i am already sweating the very next second i finished shower.

The hot weather is really damn ridiculous!

I will start losing my patience and interest whenever i feel hot but i think Miki suffer more than me. Having lots of fur and gonna endure during this period of time.

Normally he don't really like the fan to be blow on his face but i guess this time round, it is really too hot for me. Prepare the mini fan for him during this period of time as i know that he won't be sleeping on my bed and rather on the floor because the bed trap heat.

So i gonna place that portable fan on the floor. I was thinking whether i should get a standing fan for him as the ceiling fan is totally useless and impossible to cover the whole area. Poor Miki gonna suffer during these period of time.

Anyway these few weeks i don't really feel ease. I will be away after a few days and next month will be away for a longer period. This is ever the first time that i gonna part with Miki for so long. Actually i am ok with everything and know how to settle it during this period of time but Miki is the one that i feel....

Just "bu fang xin" and scare that he will get bored. Hopefully by next month the weather will get better so at least i can do my stuff in peace and leave him at home.

Bought a cake for Mummy yesterday and having a simple cake cutting session at home with the family. Nothing much to update recently too. I guess i blame everything on the weather that make me don't feel like going out.

This is what i am doing during my free time when i am not sleeping or watching my hong kong drama. I have been slacking too much recently and it is time to start working hard next week.

Will be updating more after i get back. Gonna settle too many things and making plans first. Or else i won't feel ease and can't concentrate on my stuff. I will be back soon~

Happy Days

Pardon me for spamming Miki photos right from the start of my post but it's so cute not to share it here! Pet owner definitely will know how i feel. My Miki boy just look different on every photos and i am always snapping non stop, sometimes he will be so frustrated. LOL 

One of the hilarious photo of him being caught biting his blanket again and how many times i had told him off. Gonna buy more blanket for standby soon.


Miki and his new friend.. Hippo!
Erm... But it also look like crocodile isn't it? I mean the shape and colour. Hahahaha

Little boy just love to seek for attention and if i pretend not to bother him then he will start making lots of noise!

Keep taking close up shots of him until he pek chek and turning away.

Before his grooming~
Omg so messy!

Almost every morning i will personally prepare his brekkie for him but i guess i gonna reduce the meat portion soon.

He just love me to touch him.

Awwwww. So cute!!!

One of the recent photo of him lying down waiting for me to touch him after i finish taking the photos.

Miki: You noticed me!

Miki: I am walking over~

Miki: Hey! Play with me!

Miki: Can't you see i am here???

Have not been taking much photo recently and gonna compensate soon. Can't wait for holiday!!!

Recently i keep having crazy thoughts and wanted to do something different. One of the example is cutting my hair short. Not too sure if i am going to regret it or not. But i am just sick of blow drying my long hair or keeping long hair in such a humid and hot weather.

Somehow i know i sure will start making lots of complain if i am going to cut it short. Won't be able to get used to it and i think i didn't cut my hair short ever in my life too.

And you know there will be a awkward length after a period of time. This is the reason why my fringe won't get long because everytime it reaches the awkward length, i will chop it off. So i am quite worried if i am going to cut my hair short... I will never keep it long.

So i guess i still need some more time to think about it...

To be honest... I am quite contented with my current life now even though there is still some distance towards my goal but so far so good.

I don't know how many times do i have to repeat this but still wanna say thanks to the people who doted me so much. Unlike the past... No more crazy people in my life now and i am happy with what i had now. Frankly speaking.. You anyone is going to ask me if i am curious how others life will be like now...

Actually i don't bother at all. It got nothing to do with me and they are not important to me. Why should i care or bother? I just wish all those people disappear from my life so i will never go think of the past too.

Back to foodie time!
Tell me how am i going to slim down when i keep eating non stop uh?!

Omg omg!!!
I just couldn't resist and i know i will keep eating non stop too. Gonna do something to it soon.