06 March 2018

Miki's Dental

I was blogging about my veneer journey recently and didn't expect that Miki's turn for dental will be so soon right after mine. Of course that a dog can't go for veneers. But it was about his upcoming dental extraction.

Miki has been with me since he was 2 months old and he is 11 this year. All these while, he didn't have any dental cleaning etc because he totally don't like it. I am expecting his teeth will start giving him problem sooner or later but wasn't expecting it will be so fast.

Recently I brought him for grooming session and I asked the groomer to clean his teeth too. The groomer told me that Miki is having some ear infection problem and asked me to bring him to a vet for teeth scaling too. As for the ear infection, I try to apply ear drop medicine for him all these while and think it doesn't works at all.

After the grooming, I think I shouldn't wait anymore. So I called the vet and make an appointment for him to have a check up for his teeth and also for the ear infection. Seeing Miki scratching his ear in pain everyday, don't make me feel good either.

So last week I brought him to the vet. The vet gave Miki some antibiotic, a bottle of ear wash and ear drop medicine. They ask me to clean his ear everyday, wash his ear using the ear wash everyday and dig out all the loosen ear wax. Of course Miki won't allow me to do that and seriously I don't dare too. So the vet suggest me to wash it and apply the medicine. But skip the part for clearing the ear wax. And I will need to bring him back every 3-4 days to let them remove it.

The procedure will be quite tiring for me and costly too but I feel it is worth it. After the first session of clearing the ear wax, cleaning his ears and applied with medicine... Miki really feel so much better. The frequency of him scratching his ears is lesser and today is the second day of the medication. So far so good.

As for the dental, the vet told me that they can't tell me if Miki need to go for tooth extraction or just normal scaling will do. But I know it myself that he sure will get a tooth extraction. At least now I am prepared for it and will take note of what I should do during his recovery process.

Today something bad has happened. While he was biting with his favourite milk stick, out of sudden he scream. At that moment I wasn't aware of what happen. But later on, I saw the chipped teeth on my bed and realise that his teeth chipped off while biting the milk stick. It was my bad that I should have stopping giving him that to bite. I don't know that his teeth was so weak now because he seem ok recently.
This is Miki lying down, not having the mood after his teeth was chipped. I know at that moment, he must be in a little pain or rather shocked not knowing what happen. This coming Thursday I already made an appointment with the vet to let him go for the tooth extraction surgery.

He was not able to eat anything after 10pm, 1 day before the surgery and the surgery will be in the morning. After 6am he was not able to have any water. To be honest I am really so afraid because I know that he need to go through all these again.

2 years ago, Miki has a bladder stone surgery. That time was quite bad as he feel pain from the wound. I feel so lost when I can't even carry him because it will make him feel more pain. That bladder stone surgery, he was under anaesthesia and after the surgery, he was goggy and was drooling. He need wear the Elizabethan collar after the surgery to prevent him from scratching or licking his wound. That few days I stayed at home to look after him. He totally don't have the mood to move around and can't even walk properly. Wasn't eating too for the first two days. That time was really tough because I still need to work.

Everyday after work, I will rush back home to ensure he is ok.

This is the x-ray report of Miki 2 years ago when he has bladder stone problem.

Miki with the Elizabethan collar. Poor boy.
So this time round, I hope things won't be as bad as last time. After the tooth extraction, the first few days he sure feel some uncomfortable or pain. I am expecting that he won't be eating for the first two days too. So I will be preparing boiled white fish for him instead of boiled chicken and pork meat. I doubt that he can chew too.

At a dog age of his, I know that things won't be the same anymore as the last time. I just got to take care and give him more attention. Will update about his dental extraction and recovery process when it is all done.

So now just share some of his photos here.

As Miki start to age, I know that he will leave me one day too. Just like human being. I had to admit that I am not ready for that stage yet and I pray that he will be with me for many more years. Even though it was so tough for me to get a pet boarding whenever I need to go overseas as Miki temperamental wasn't good and his meal preparation wasn't easy too. I always worried whenever I want to go overseas and spend a lot just to send him for pet boarding etc.

When from the first day I had Miki, I know that I can't save on all these money and I know that I need to be responsible. Even the days was tough but I do it willingly. I don't want to forget any memories about him so on my blog, I will post more of his photos and updates. I hope if one day he leave me, all the memories will still stay with me.

11 years was really very long and I seriously know how it feel to lose you loved ones. I told myself when Miki left me, I will never have another dog again

Ok now let skip all these sad thinking and worrying. Will update soon~

04 February 2018

My Veneers Journey

Finally I am back after a year and here I am deleting all the post and start afresh. So on this "first" post of mine, I am going to share about my veneers experience.

If you have notice, you will realise that none of my photos show my teeth. During the younger days, my teeth wasn't white and I can say it is yellowish. Probably due to my coffee drinking habit that causes it and also the smoking part. I don't really take good care of my teeth too. I went to do those teeth whitening procedure before but it doesn't work for me. Then at the later part, I went to put ceramic braces as there is a gap on my front 2 teeth.

It was in 2012 when I first put my braces. I was told by my dentist that I have 2 missing teeth.

I am short of 1 upper left lateral incisor and 1 bottom right lateral incisor. So before I start putting my braces on, my dentist suggest to extract the 1 upper right lateral and 1 bottom left lateral incisor to make the teeth look more even in the shape. And FYI that I went for my x-ray and was told that I will never have wisdom tooth in my whole life. I should be glad for this good news as I don't have to suffer from having a wisdom tooth, going through the pain like how others does.

So I went to had my ceramic braces done at the dental. I chose ceramic over metal braces because it's less visible. The first 1 month of putting the braces is really a nightmare! I had 2 extraction for lateral incisor so the gap is quite big for the first month and it was really freaking damn obvious if I smile or open my mouth. So on the first month I was sooooo "lady" or I can say is "cool". I don't smile a lot so nobody notice that I had extraction. This was so ugly having the lateral incisor got extracted as it was just beside the front teeth and so visible when it got extracted. Literally 2 big holes there!!!

And when I just got the extraction and the braces, I couldn't eat well. My teeth and gums was so sensitive towards everything. I remember I only manage to eat instant porridge, mashed potato etc during that period of time as I was working night shift. And there is nothing else that I can find/eat for that timing.

And because I am awake at night due to my work, I feel more pain than the rest because the teeth shifted more during the night time. My dentist told me something funny. He said that he don't know whether he should tell me that I am lucky that I smoke, That's why my extraction gap closes quicker than those who doesn't smoke. When a person smoke, it weaken the gums and make the teeth shifted easier. So when he was telling me this, he also feel that he can't sound like he is encouraging me to continue smoke. LOL.

The first month of my braces, I had a lot of ulcers but it end pretty fast too. My extraction gap actually closes a lot within a month and on the second month, I don't feel much uncomfortable only on those days when I need to go for monthly visit at the dental to tighten my braces.

My 2 years of braces procedure was quite straight forward because I don't have crooked teeth. Other than closing the gap, I just need to pull/straighten my central incisor because I extract my lateral incisor. That's why the dentist need to pull the central incisor towards my front teeth and that's the part when we said that it was a "crooked" teeth that need to be shifted.

After 2 years of getting food stuck in between my teeth, finally everything end. I remove my braces nicely on the 2nd year and I still need to wear retainer every night when I went to bed. And now come another nightmare....

After removing my braces not long, I went to Taiwan for 10 days with my friends. We was travelling to different part of Taiwan so the schedule was a bit rush and tight. On the second day in Taiwan, I left my retainer in Taichung. But by the time when I realise I left my retainer in Taichung, it was too late. OMG!!!

So after I came back from my overseas trip, I visit my dentist and was told that my teeth has already shifted. WTH?!?!?! We didn't keep the mould which I feel is the dentist fault. If not I can actually use the same mould to make another retainer again. End up he only can do a metal like type of retainer for me.

Which is this type and to be honest, it DOES NOT WORK AT ALL! And wearing it was so freaking uncomfortable as it does not fit nicely. So I really gave up. As time goes by, after a few years... My teeth started to shift again and when the gap getting bigger, I got so frustrated.

I want everything to be prefect about my looks and same goes to my teeth. Ever since I remove my braces, my teeth turn more yellowish than last time. I went to get bring home whitening kit and I admit that it really works better than doing those one time procedure at the dental. A bring home whitening kit cost around $200-400plus, whereby the one time procedure at the dental cost about $800-1000plus. Of course you need to keep putting the whitening kit every night if you chose the bring home kit and for people like me who has sensitive teeth and gums, sure feel the pain when wearing the whitening kit. To be honest, I can't even wear throughout the night. I will remove it after 6 hours. So basically before I sleep, I will start wearing the whitening kit and when I go to bed, I will remove it. My teeth did really turn whiter but it is not lasting. You really need to keep putting it everyday, if not it will start turning yellowish again when you eat food like curry or drink wine, coffee etc.

So here come my last resort. I totally want to end all these bullshit thing. I want to settle it once and for all. So I actually do research on veneers. I chose to do my veneers in Bangkok because of the price differences. A huge different as I can say. If you are going to do veneers in Singapore, it cost around $1000 per tooth? But in Bangkok, it cost around $300plus? See the differences?

So before I went to Bangkok, I email the dentist in Bangkok to show them my current teeth. I was told that I need to put 16 veneers to make it look nice. 8 upper and 8 lower. When we smile, we show about 16 teeth and for those back teeth, there isn't a need to change to veneers.

So after doing all the enquiries with the Bangkok dentist, I went to Bangkok. I think I am quite brave to travel alone again. Hahahahahaha. So on the first day after I touch down to the airport, I went straight to the dentist. I had my check up over there and they make the next day appointment for me.

Another nightmare is coming....

On the second day of my appointment, I need to see dentist A for scaling and polishing. It took 1 hour.

Then later I went to see dentist B to get all my cavities removed and to have my teeth shaved and do a impression of my veneers. If you are thinking of getting a veneers, I would strongly suggest you to do the impression first. The impression is like a "sample" of how your veneers will look like in the future. So I definitely would suggest you to spend this money doing it first. So at least you and your dentist can discuss on the exact veneers size, colour shade etc before putting the permanent thing.

For the impression, the dentist will do approximately 6 upper and 6 lower for you to visualize the final result. After finalising, he will remove it (can be remove easily) and proceed with the shaving of your original teeth. I had to admit at that point of time, my veneers research wasn't that detail enough. I know there will be shaving of original teeth involved but I don't know that it will be that DAMN MUCH!

I was given a few anaesthetise injection and it was really damn painful. I had my cavities removed and got all my teeth cleaned before getting my teeth shaved. The dentist shave both sides of the teeth and also the front surface. After the shaved the teeth and I saw the mirror.... I REALLY FEEL LIKE CRYING!

At that moment, I really regretted choosing veneers and I know that I can't turn back the time.

This photo was taken on Google and it was not my teeth. And after my teeth got shaved, I look exactly like this. I was so freak depressed at that moment because I am so negative and worried if one day I wanted to remove the veneers, I can't get back my original teeth anymore. There is no turning back anymore!

I remember at that moment, I was so pissed off with the dentist and the staff. Partly due to the shaving and also the long hours plus the soreness I had during that time. As I mentioned that I had one hour of scaling and polishing then I had 6 hours of removing cavities, doing impression and doing the temporary veneers. YES! It was 7 HOURS IN TOTAL!

OMG. I really don't know how I manage to survive opening my mouth for that freaking 7 hours. After getting the temporary veneers done, I was in a super bad mood. I wanted to scold the dentist for not informing me that I will have injection and also the shaving part. I am so negative because I know that I need to put on the temporary veneers for 2 weeks before the permanent veneers. The dentist actually need to do a mould on the temporary veneers and send it back to the lab to make the final permanent veneers, which took about 2 weeks to be ready.

I got so pissed off partly because reading other people reviews saying that some of them encountering their temporary veneers chipped off during that 2 weeks of waiting. So if this happen to me, what can I do? Because after the temporary veneers, I will be flying back and stay in Singapore for 2 weeks. If the temporary veneers chipped, do I need to book a last min air ticket and fly back to Bangkok just to fix it?

And if I don't fix it and wait for 2 weeks then my teeth gonna look exactly just like the photo above? NO WAY! This is when I got sooooooo depressed and angry. At that moment I really can't debate with the dentist much. My mouth was so swollen and numb at that moment. I can't talk properly too. So I went back to the hotel. Forget to mention that I was on high fever during that trip. So throughout the whole journey, it was not enjoyable at all.

My fever sickness and the mouth. Throughout the trip, I didn't eat well, I didn't eat much too. But I am great that on the 4th or 5th day of my stay in Bangkok, my mood get better. I went to read more about veneers and all my negative thoughts are gone. I realised that I am being too negative and scaring myself only.

So finally I am back to SG! I am super lucky that today is the day 9 of my temporary veneers and it didn't chip! I think I am taking really good care of it because I didn't eat anything hard during these 9 days. During these 9 days, I can't bite using my front teeth. It is really impossible to do it.

After putting the temporary veneers, you will feel that you lower teeth shifted inwards and the biting point is different from last time. And the temporary veneers is made of acrylics but not porcelain. So the surface is more rough and during these period of time, you might feel uncomfortable as your teeth wasn't strong enough and will experience ulcers or sore gums too. But not to worry too much because this nightmare will be gone soon.

And ya. Also to let you guys know that temporary veneers is a one bulk thing. Not like the permanent porcelain veneers which is by individual pieces. So during these 2 weeks, you are unable to floss the teeth in between the temporary veneers. But only the back teeth which is your original teeth.

So in another 5 days time, I am going to fly back to Bangkok to get my permanent veneers done and I can't wait! These period of time, I am still experience discomfort. Be it eating/drinking hot or cold stuff. And I still have sore gums and ulcers too. But it's ok. I think that everything is worth it.

The temporary veneers is not the permanent one, so it still will stain. But for the real veneers, it will not stain and will not chip. But I still suggest not to eat stuff which is too hard even after putting the permanent veneers. And after putting on the permanent veneers, you gonna be extra hardworking! Because you CAN'T have cavities on your veneers. There is no ways to remove the cavities unless you remove your veneers, So if you don't want to spend that money again, you need to floss your teeth, brush your teeth and use mouth wash like Listerine everyday.

I was quite happy with the result even though I haven't got my permanent one yet. But based on my temporary veneers, I was happy with it and I know that the permanent one will be better. Currently my temporary veneers has already stained but it is just another 5 more days. So who caressss?

I will have permanent white and straight teeth after I get my permanent veneers and I can smile confidently! But actually even if I have my permanent veneers, I still won't show my teeth when taking photos. The real reason for not showing my teeth when taking photos last time and now is not because of the gaps etc. But when I smile, my eyes look smaller and I don't know why my smile look quite stiff and I can't smile widely too.

Side track and back to braces for awhile first.
I remember hearing people said that after putting braces, the face will become smaller was a bullshit thing. But I totally disagree with it. Because I am a very good example. I had 2 missing incisor and remove another 2 more. Then I got no wisdom tooth. Total I am short of 4 teeth. So my jaws shape really changed after I got my teeth extracted and putting the braces. A lot of people thought that I went for some plastic surgery thing but it was the braces that make my face sharper than last time. For those who see me before and after my braces will know it.

And for jaw surgery, it took around 3-6 months for the swelling to recover. So if I already went for jaw surgery, I think it will be pretty obvious for my swollen face isn't it? But there is none. So stop that craps of assuming that I went for jaw surgery etc.

So now back to the veneers thing that I need to remind those who are interested to go for it. During the process of temporary veneers, I mentioned that I went through a 7 hours procedure right? I got to admit that the dental assistant was a little too rough to keep wiping my lip so hard and so many times especially at the side. She actually causes abrasion on both side of my lip and it actually cracked. I took around a week plus to recover and also because you need to open your mouth for so long. You will experience cracked lips on all the surface too. Mine is still recovering so for those who wanted to go for veneers, make sure that you keep applying Vaseline. It did helps!

So for my conclusion for my veneers was so far so good. Just that the 7 hours procedure was really too long and I have a small mouth and really couldn't open my mouth so big. That's why I will experience cracked lips at both sides of my mouth. And I know that I will need to go through long hours again when I go for the permanent veneers. But I am sure that this time round will be better because I will be need to spend time to shave my teeth again or remove cavities.

I will be blogging the details once I am done with permanent veneers!